Key Boxes

The Westmere Fire District participates in a key box, or Knox Box, program in the Town of Guilderland.

In 1999, the Guilderland Town Board adopted Chapter 193 of the Town Code, Key Boxes.  According to the law:

A key box local law provides for the placement in secured, locked containers of keys to important areas within a structure and information that may be vital and necessary to the health, safety and welfare of the occupants and the responding fire fighters. Access to those key areas and advance knowledge of their location and the location of hazardous or potentially hazardous materials enhances the responding fire company’s abilities to preserve and protect lives and property.

The purpose of this chapter is to speed the access to buildings for responding fire companies and limit the amount of potential physical damage to structures brought about by the need to access a building or structure promptly to save lives, prevent injuries and protect property.


Updating your Keys
Contact the Fire Prevention Office at Guilderland Town Hall at (518) 356-1980  to order a key box or for any key box changes. An officer will be assigned to meet with you and change the keys in your Knox, or key, box.