Permissive Referendum

Certain actions, or resolutions, of the Board of Fire Commissioners are subject to permissive referendum and include but may not be limited to:

  1. For real and personal property declared surplus and to be sold for more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000), but not more than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).
  2. Establishment of contingency and tax stabilization reserve funds.
  3. Expenditures from a non-specific capital reserve fund.
    Transfer to the credit of another capital reserve fund all or part of the unexpended balance remaining in a fund established for a specific item or items of equipment which have not been acquired or a specific capital improvement which has not been completed or acquired or the unexpended balance in a fund established for a type of capital improvement or a type of equipment.
  4. Establishment of an insurance reserve fund.
  5. Fire districts that employs paid fire fighters or other paid employees, are subject to all the provisions of the Taylor Law. Any contract of employment, which results in increased compensation for the employees, is subject to permissive referendum

Within 10 days after the Board approves a resolution subject to permissive referendum, the fire district secretary shall publish a legal notice specifying the date of the resolution and an abstract of the same. The notice shall specify that the resolution was adopted subject to a permissive referendum.

The effective date of the resolution shall be 30 days after its adoption or by approval of voters it a valid petition for permissive referendum is filed with the fire district secretary.